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Home Decor

5 Home Decor Mistakes you Need to Stop Making

Whether you’re designing a small or big home, being wise with home decoration is undeniably essential. The size, colour, scale, the right proportions, and textures are just a few of the various factors you need to consider when designing your house. Although trends are always changing year by year, there are still a couple of […]

Sustainability Living

SUSTAINABLE LIVING | Time for an informed choice

Our world today is dealing with a unique environmental predicament. Rapid industrial growth, combined with a sense of apathy in the general public towards minimizing wastage or adopting a more sustainable style of living has seen the carbon footprint on our planet reach unimaginable levels. There is a very basic way in which we can […]

Littlespells Bags

Fashionable, Light & Efficient – Your Tote-al go-to bag!

A beautiful summer is like a romantic poem – vibrant, expressive and philosophical. With this beauty, however, comes it’s fair share of the beast. We are talking about the sky-high tropical temperatures and humidity. This type of climate demands a wardrobe that assuages and accommodates this weather but does not compromise your style in any which way, whatsoever. […]

Spring Detox

Spring Detox – Recipes for Good Life

A winter spent in the company of comfort foods and warm evenings spent drinking wine can often leave you feeling a bit tired and sluggish.  But let’s face it, soul-soothing winter comfort food is a definite winner! However, with spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to hit refresh on your diet to […]

5 Meals That Prove Autumn Is the Best Season

Autumn is one of the best times of year for vegetables and fruits! It’s the season to get cozy with comfort food, so ease yourself into autumn with these five warming recipes. When the weather gets cooler, and the urge for casseroles, pies, crumbles and comfort food hits, this autumn recipe collection should be your […]

Wooden Serveware

7 reasons to start using Wooden Serveware

Hope you had liked my previous blog on the art of blue pottery. Today, I will share with you how to bring in some non-toxic, eco-friendly elements to your kitchen and build a sustainable lifestyle. There is no meal that compares to one made in the heart of your own home, or especially to one […]