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Feast your eyes on our exclusive decorative wall plate collection!


Home worthy decor items bring a sense of elan in your private quarters. They are, however, extremely elusive and oh-not-so-easy to find. Decorative Wall plates have picked up the pace in recent times and are nowadays must-haves for modern home decor and beautification.

Little Spells brings to you an exclusive curated collection of beautiful decorative wall plates many of which are sure to grab your attention. From Boho styled hand painted fruits to adorable little fishes swirling in harmony. From vibrant aquamarine hues to sombre ochre tones. These selected home decor items are a sure fit for your happy place be it on any wall or table space.

Handcrafted and painted to perfection by the artisans of Jaipur in the world-renowned Blue Pottery form, you can be sure you’re bringing back home a unique piece of decoration. For an easier infusion of style, we have divided our collection between the Tropical Desserts, Flora and Aqua based themes. While there are individual products for you to mix and match as per your taste, we hope our collections provide a better understanding of how mesmerizing the wall plates look when together.

Tropical Desert Theme:

Tropical Desserts decorative wall plate collection.
Tropical Desert decorative wall plates,

The Tropical Deserts wall plate collection features tropical fruits just as the name suggests. Bright Pineapples and Pomegranates overlain on a crisp yellow background creates a happy note; perfect for brightening up dull monotone wall spaces. The glazed surface of the home decor item forms a beautiful sheen making the Tropical Desert wall plate collection well suited for even places which are dimly lit.

Floral Theme:

Flora themed decorative wall plate collection.
Flora decorative wall plates,

With neutral pastel colours, elegant botanical patterns and a negative space design thrown in, the Flora based decorative wall plate collection has all the plush and posh of a modern decor masterpiece. On one, ferns placed over a plain pastel background. Another one has cactus emerging from a sea of green and finally an artistically depicted flower bud completes this contemporary set.

Aqua Theme:

Aqua themed decorative wall plate collection.
Aqua decorative wall plates,

Last but not the least comes the Aqua based theme of decorative wall plate collection. Featuring first is an eye-catching electric blue with a swirl of chic fish icons. Secondly, an aquamarine shade with an ordered fish array. The third one is an elegant fish art on a neutral background in our final collection. This set of wall plates are sophisticated and brings an old-school charm to our modern home ambience.

Each decorative wall plate from every collection can be bought separately and mixed together to form your very own personalized home decor or as a gift. We are confident these modern and intricate decor items will enrich your life-spaces. Do keep a lookout for more upcoming products at

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